Jan 24, 2011

Dreams to determine destiny on Feb 13

“Dream big. Develop the passion or follow your passion to write your own destiny.”

If above verbatim sounds very fascinating and exciting, then just imagine how the program would be. Yes, you have got it. Baroda Management Association (BMA) is organizing a very special program for youth, under the aegis of ‘Igniting Minds – Young India (IMYI)’. 

The organizing committee of IMYI has selected very elite and popular speakers for you. They did their job. Now, it’s your turn to grab the opportunity. After all, you also want to pursue your passion.

Speakers and Guests:
  • Padmashree Dr M H Mehta: Chairman of Gujarat Life Sciences
  • Ankit Fadia: An ethical hacker and Global IT-security consultant.
  • Avi Sabavala: A management consultant by profession, a naturalist by passion and president of Vadodara Chamber of Commerce and Industries (VCCI).
  • Geeta Goradia: Managing Director of Jewel Group and President of FGI.
  • Jay Vasavada: Popular Author and Columnist of Gujarat.
  • M A Baraiya: Deputy President – HR & Admin of Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd. and JMC Projects (India) Ltd.
  • Nirmal Kumar: IIM-A gradaute, Founder of 'G Auto'.
  • Ravi Sharma: CEO of Adani Power Ltd.
  • S K Negi: MD of Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited.
  • Sheela Bhatt: Indian Writer, Editor of Rediff.com.
  • Swami Nikhileshwarananda: Head of Ramakrishna Mission Vadodara Center.
Program Take Away
This program will allow you to change your thought process and broaden your horizons. It will allow you to think the way successful people think. It is the most suited program for college Students, young professionals and young managers who believe in their dreams and would like to change their destiny.

Date: February 13, 2011; Sunday
Time: 8.30 AM to 6.00 PM

Venue: Prof C C Mehta Auditorium, The M S University of Baroda, Sayajigunj, Vadodara.

How can I enroll for this Program?
Call on 0265-2344135 or 2353364 or drop an email to bmabaroda1@gmail.com. You can also visit Baroda Management Association, Anmol Plaza, 2nd Floor, Jainarayan Prakash Road (Old Padra Road), Vadodara 390015.

What is the Registration Fees Structure?
If you are a BMA Student, you have to just invest ` 250 Only. If you are not a BMA Student you would require to invest ` 650 which includes one Year Free Membership of BMA. If you do not wish to opt for BMA membership you would require to invest only ` 350. BMA Professional Member’s would be charged ` 1000 and Other Professionals Only ` 1250. 

Grab the opportunity to open a new exciting chapter of your life.

Jan 20, 2011

4 GB ka memory card...

Technical Innovations are continuously happening. They are happening at the geometric growth rate. Telephone, TV, Computer, Printer, Mobile, Refrigerator, Washing machines and other such devices are redefining themselves. Scientists and Marketers have been continuously working for advanced features such as speed, automation, lower energy consumption, something instant, better quality and memory capacity. On the other side, we have been becoming very obsessed with these technological devices. People keep on changing the mobile handsets within 6-18 months. In few cased, even before the warranty or guarantee period ends. 

Are we doing similar innovations within ourselves in this global arena? Are we increasing our own speed in this technical world? There is no great deal in owning these great devices alone. We need to expand our heart and develop ourselves to be eligible for their usage and ownership.

Many time, we come across the phrase ‘mere mobile mei 4 GB ka memory card hai' (My mobile has 4 GB memory card). Very nice. My question is ‘aapka mann kitne GB ka hai' (what’s the capacity of our heart)? Why are we not expanding our mann like mobile handset? If we expand our mann to absorb all feelings, reactions, said-unsaid and to welcome everyone, we will be no longer obsessed or dependant on technical gadgets. Let’s work on it. Time starts now...

Suresh Purohit (Su_hit)
January 20, 2011, 8 PM

Jan 8, 2011

Keep Walking....

This is my first real blog. Coincidentally, I edited an article on ‘blogging’ authored by Rajesh Jain (Netcore Solution) in my first job with The Smart Manager magazine. Almost after 9 years or so, I am creating my own blog. I had never imagined while editing that article, that I will also use this medium as a platform for expression. The scale may be less. The number of readers may be low. But still see, how the technology has grown. I can recall that I wrote the opening lines as “nothing dies faster than an idea in the close mind”. Yes, indeed. The quote is still a part of mine.

Yesterday was one the most memorable days of my life. Analytically, it was 1500th and last day with Torrent Parivaar. I was so deeply engrossed with my projects, portfolio, department, colleagues, friends, culture, MyWeb and 'n' number of various drives/movements/activities/tasks, that I felt that my part of heart had stayed in there only. I could not ask that part to walk with me.  Or in Praful (of Khichdi)’s style, “main mujhko kah hi nahi paya”.

Again coincidentally, my colleagues have honoured me by a book called ‘Connect the Dots’. Awesome book. So thoughtful gift. In initial two pages the author Rashmi Bansal writes “Every experience in your life – whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – has made you what you are. ............  These are the unexpected turns on the journey of life. Which lead to a destination. So go out there and do more, learn more, experience more. Create lots and lots of dots on the canvas of your life. Paint boldly and brightly – the colours of your choice. Create a life which is like a work of art.”

My journey through walking had already commenced a long back. I don't know when. The above lines gave it jubaan (wordings). As I expressed, ‘Keep walking, keep learning, keep growing and keep smiling”. If you do not walk then you will not be able to explore. As someone has said “Manzil to mil hi jayegi bhatak kar hi sahi, Gumrah to wo hai jo ghar se nikale hi nahi”.

If you are not learning then you are as good as a dead soul. Learning will shape up your life. If you have goal it will give you the directions. If you have directions, it will give you goal. ‘Keep Growing’ has two contexts here. Physical growth - that is natural due to time. We are not making any great achievement by having it. Time is achieving the milestone, neither you nor me. Still we celebrate our birthdays. Should do. But not in this context. Second is mental growth – that is driven by our learning and application of it. How nice it would be if we can link this to our birthday celebration. I know, it sounds difficult.

Smile is such a fantastic gift of God that it does not cost the donor, but on the other side, it has tremendous value to the receivers. Spread the smile. That’s ultimate purpose of the life.

So, Let’s             
Keep walking --> Keep learning --> Keep growing --> Keep smiling.

See you again, very soon. Let me cherish my earlier journeys.
Su_hit (Suresh Purohit)