Jan 4, 2012

Cars v/s Hearts

Two friends Shivam and Sundaram, in their thirties, live nearby in Indore city.  They are family friends for last 15 years. Shivam got a White coloured Tata Indica car for last 5 years, while Sundaram has a red coloured Tata Nano.  Sundaram bought it recently.

One fine Sunday morning, three kids in the age range of 2 to 4 years were playing nearby car of Nano Car.  No one was supervising them that time. Shivam was passing by saw that all kids have small stones in their hands. On the other side, there were few minor but visible scratches on Sundaram’s Nano car. It was quite evitable to believe that the scratches have been done by the kids only, alone or together, that’s not known. Eventhough Shivam has not seen anyone doing the act. 

Shivam persuaded lightly to three kids and asked them to throw the stones. To convey the message not repeat such act in a gentle manner. He taken the three kids on a walk and conveyed the message with little emphasis.

Ten minutes later, Sundaram’s mother saw a kid with stone in the hand near red Nano. She claimed that these scratches have been done by this kid only and she saw it by her eyes only. Now, this kid happens to belongs to Shivam. Sundaram’s mother made a big hue and cry. Entire family of Sundaram was upset as their lovely nano got scratches. The same was the scene with Shivam’s family. Shivam conveyed that the act has been earlier by three kids together. But Sudaram’s mother was affirmed that it has been done by Shivam’s kid only.

Sundaram’s family started asking for compensation. See how the relationship can take a turn in few moments only. Shivam’s family refused and replied that it has been done by a minor or minors. But if still they want to take revenge than they are free to do it on Indica car. 

Later, Sundaram called Shivam for a small discussion about compensation. Shivam said that he has something in pipeline for this act. Hence, he would arrange for the repair but need to allow 20 days. Sundaram said he wants to be done today only. Sundaram said he would bear half the cost, looking at long term association. Shivam repeated that wait for 20 days, he will arrange to get it repaired nicely.

Shivam’s family is not aware about this talk. Sundaram’s family is aware as the talk had been held at Sundaram’s house.

Then there was silence for entire day.

Next day morning, Shivam’s Indica had 10 times bigger scratches on his car. These scratches are done with little force and would have been done by someone older than 7 years because of height of scratches.

In both the cases, there’s no direct proof that who has done the act. It’s only belief and perception.

Conclusion: It is presumed that the minors had made scratches on non-living items, but adults (again belief) have made scratches on hearts of living people.  How come Cars are more important than Hearts?

The complex side of Truth remains unexplored. 

(This is based on real incident, few facts/names have been changed)